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Have you heard about the parable of the pottery students?

They did a real scientific study to examine how students learn best. So they divided them up into two groups, told the first group to focus as hard as they could on making each pot as perfect as possible. Then they told the second group not to worry about making them perfect and not to fear making mistakes….

Guess who made the better pots? Guess which students will make the better films by following the same principle? Those who produce and and create and shoot and work, learn, grow, improve, repeat.

But more importantly than just making films and videos, is to get your work out there! Having a Youtube channel for all your work is great and all, but you can do better than that. THINK BIG SCREEN! We want to get your work onto that screen. Red carpet, popcorn, balcony seating and all.

The best part about submitting your work to festival is that you never know the opportunities for awesomeness can emerge! It’s all about getting as many eyes on your work as possible, because you never know who could watching. Exposure is essential.

Startfest is here to get student filmmakers the exposure they deserve!
But we wanna do much more than that too. Because we put your work directly in front of the experienced eyes of our diverse team of judges, we gaurantee a deeply constructive feedback sheet for students about their submission.
Pretty rad right?
Oh, one more thing… we are the only student festival that does this.

Still wondering whether you should submit or not..?
Did I mention the prizes?

STILL not sure…?
Nope, didn’t think so


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