Student currently enrolled in a secondary or post-secondary educational institution are welcome to participate in STARTFEST.


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Basically anything you create is accepted into STARTFEST. We have divided the competition into seven categories:



LEGALLY your submission must be an original work created by you, and your fellow students, in its entirety. Meaning any copywritten, or protected material such as music, logos, artwork etc. is prohibited UNLESS you can provide paperwork stating permission for use.


Learn More About Copyright Laws




PSV – The abbreviation for Public Service Video, being a notice or warning published for community benefit. (30 Seconds – 8 Min)



News Package – A self-contained news/sports report. (1 – 8 Min)




Narrative Short – A live-action short film. Elements can be computer generated effects or animations. (1 – 30 Min)



Animation – The rapid display of a sequence of images of 2-D or 3-D artwork or model positions in order to create an illusion of movement. (1 – 30 Min)


Documentary – A film or video presenting the facts about a person or event emphasizing or expressing things as perceived without insertion of fictional matter. (1 – 30 Min)


Experimental – A range of filmmaking styles that are generally quite different from, and often opposed to, the practices of mainstream commercial and documentary filmmaking. (1 – 30 Min)


Music Video – A short film or video that accompanies a complete piece of music/song. (1 -8 Min)









We here at STARTFEST want to provide you with every chance to succeed in this exciting and creative industry. To do this, we have provided you with many of the necessary documents to prepare yourself for a successful production. FILL THESE OUT BEFORE YOU SHOOT! Many of the documents below will help you shoot your film the right way, LEGALLY. Once you have your script, but before you begin production, make sure you fill out all of the necessary paperwork to not only prepare yourself for shoot day, but also to make sure you are protected.


Download Pre-Production Packet




All of your hard work, your weeks of pre-production, days of shooting, and months of editing have all come down to this. Congratulations! The hard part is over! Now it’s time to show the world what you’ve accomplished. Submission to STARTFEST is easy!



Submit Your Film


Check to make sure you have all of the release and permission forms signed before you apply.

Submission deadline for [STARTFEST] ’14 is February 28th, 2014 (2/28/14) at midnight (12:00am) EST.  EXTENDED! March 31st (3/31/14) at midnight (12:00am) EST.

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