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What a fantastic festival!

[STARTFEST]’14 was held at the beautiful Edyth Bush Theater at the Orlando REP! This full day showcase of student film was held Saturday, May 31st 2014 from 1pm to 9pm.

Want to see the full recap? Click here   Quick Recap 1st Place Grand Champion College – Cootie Contagion 1st Place Grand Champion High School – Texting and Driving PSA 2nd Place College – Pedro Pan 2nd Place High School – you can’t tell i’m sick if i only scream internally 3rd Place College – Star-Crossed 3rd Place High School – The Pages: A Documentary Audience Award – Dragon Tale                    




Schedule of Events

1:30 – Screening Block 1 3:00 – Intermission 3:30 – Screening Block 2 5:00 – Intermission 5:30 – Screening Block 3 7:00 – Dinner Break 8:00 – Student/Judge Q&A Session 8:30 – Awards Ceremony



Block 1

Street Saints Tavner Murphy – Florida State University Find out what exactly it is that makes the New Orleans community so very wonderful. Blood Drive Adam Link – Harmony High School Give a pint. Save a life. Malentendido Max Hannam – University of Central Florida Mistaken for a revolutionary, an American reporter stands ready to be executed, but a brief mistake grants him a chance to take back his freedom. Jared Moons Profile Rachel Wang – Oviedo High School Jared Moons shares his story of a relationship that began as a pen pal. Star-Crossed Katie Aldworth – Florida State University Young Love isn’t bound by gravity, but for Scout and Gideon, finding each other will be harder than crossing the galaxies between them. GONE Camila Cordoves – South Miami Senior High School While serving a Saturday detention, one by one seven students start mysteriously disappearing. They soon start to realize nobody is safe.
Plugged In Ryan Spence – DeSales University A science fiction short dance film exploring the relationship between man and his creation. Speak Andrea Hammer – Harrison School for the Arts Two teens struggle through depression and work to support each other emotionally. Goldtooth Lauren Brinkman – Florida State University Eight-year-old Debbie hates cleaning for her Nana. What she needs is a fairy godmother, but what she gets is a pimp. Texting and Driving PSA Kyle Prillmayer – Osceola Fundamental High School One girl is about to learn a valuable lesson from her mother when her phone rats her out for texting and driving. Pedro Pan Andrea Puente – Florida State University Sent to Miami in 1962 to escape the Castro regime, young Elena and little brother Manuel are determined to stick together, no matter the odds. you can’t tell i’m sick if i only scream internally Megan Malone – Dr Phillips High School A troubled young girl depicts her melancholic plight through metaphorical scenes and spoken poetry. Karl of the Future* Nick Reinhard – Florida State University As the janitor of Earth’s most glorious starship, Karl is used to cleaning up messes. But nowhere in his job description did it say anything about stopping an intergalactic war!  

Block 2

Dragon Tale Alain Gr-Polanco – Dr. Phillips High School A man recollects his life and the stories his father would tell him of dragons Georgia Howl Max Allman – Florida State University A boy lives on a plot of forgotten land with his hermit father in rural Georgia. Hoping to reconcile his father’s pain about the past, the young boy leaves for town to buy him a gift. Good Character and You! Bobby Tolle, Chris Kohly, Mariella Gonzalez, Heaven Smith – Winter Springs High School A humorous take on the need for good character traits. The Leaves That Lay Beneath W.D. Conine – Valencia College A young woman confronts her fear and apathy after witnessing an abusive couple in public. The Alchemist Book Trailer Kyle Prillmayer – Osceola Fundamental High School Santiago wishes to find a treasure that is buried in the Pyramids. color Russell Wyatt Roberts – Guilford Grammer The perception of humanities existence and the magnitude of this worlds beauty stems from ones view of their existence.
Faded Eric Bressler – Hagerty High The tragic effects of alcohol Productivity James Leming – University Of Tampa In a dystopian future, ‘producers’ make the big decisions. ‘Workers’ get paid to do nothing. Burt, a ‘worker’, finds himself dangerously at odds with his job. Swim Safety Adam Link – Harmony High School A video for Osceola County Fire Rescue about swim safety. KLSTRDC* Eric Jaffe – Florida State University When an attempt at making a documentary goes awry, a group of filmmakers struggles to make something out of nothing. Changes to Downtown Oviedo Rachel Wang, Carrie-Lynn Gross – Oviedo High School The downtown Oviedo area is undergoing significant construction and changes. Moonbounce Michael Kefeyalew – Florida State University A mother and her young son’s car ride suddenly takes a stop when they encounter a truly horrible sight; a woman who has hung herself in front of her home. The Pages: a Documentary Rachel Wang – Oviedo High School A closer look on diversity and life of young immigrants at Oviedo High School.  

Block 3

Be Mime Katie Harbin – Florida State University Milo, a street-performing mime, must battle his own shyness and a dancing robot to ask the girl of his dreams: Will you be mime? Everybody Has A Story – Darby Maniccia Rachel Wang – Oviedo High School A touching human interest story of a high school senior. Canary in the Coal Mine Max Allman – Florida State University After tragedy and loss, the Richardson family turns away from coal in order to focus on the family farm. Eating Disorder PSA Elizabeth Tammi, Kaitlyn Montcrieff, Austin Koenig – Oviedo High School Teen struggles with the pressure of a “perfect” body. APHOTIC Siru Wen – Penn State University A film about struggling accepting of an unfortunate predicament. The Big Squeeze Lliam Evans – Hagerty High School What is the true value of an orange?
Day #2162 Travis Misarti – University of Tampa There is no future when you live in the past. Stop the Madness Tom Grotkoph – Hagerty High School Bullying must end. Dummies Daniel P. Alava – University of Navarra A dummy watches the days go by from his little shop, bored. But with the opening of a new store next to his, his life will change forever. Bros on Bikes Matt Vogler – Lake Mary High School Matt is very “into” BMX biking and would borrow a camera after school everyday to shoot his friends and himself in action. Separate Ben Whitson, Sina Eslami – Flagler College Exploring when there are two sides of us fighting for survival – one that seeks to hold on to the past and another that knows it must move forward. Little Africa Curtis Adair – Florida State University Set amongst the Tulsa Race Riot of 1921, a biracial cop passing as white protects his black mother from the town genocide. The Essence of Living Alain Gr-Polanco – Dr. Phillips High School A man gets into a car accident and must find out what is happing to him. Cootie Contagion Josh Smooha – Florida State University A ten year old boy is afraid to get close to the girl he likes because of her cooties. After being invited to her birthday he has to choose between his crush or his life.

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