With more and more cutbacks to art programs affecting millions of students in our Florida schools, it’s imperative that extracurricular arts programs are available to help our children develop into the leaders of tomorrow.

“Your sponsorship can be the vital element that will ensure the future of many students' creative and artistic endeavors.”


Student Art Festival Inc. is a 501(c)3 not-for-profit organization dedicated to the promotion and education of today’s youth/tomorrow’s leaders in the film, video, broadcast and journalism arts. Our goals can only be met through the support of individuals and businesses, within the community, that see youth education in the arts as a key part of their own beliefs.


STARTFEST provides several sponsorship opportunities, as well as booth and program advertising for businesses to promote their brand and services to a key target demographic (high school and college students).


Please Contact our Sponsorship Coordinator to receive more details on the sponsorship opportunities STARTFEST has to offer.


Want to support STARTFEST in its mission?