Parental Involvement In Child’s Education

A study report in this regard was published by the Michigan Educational Department in the year 2002. In the report, it was clearly stated that the earlier parents get involved in their child’s education, the better results it brought in terms of their overall individual performance and output.

Without doubt, we can say that parental involvement have always significantly increased class attendance rates, test scores, levels of self esteem and determination in a child. There are certain better prospects we can see as a result of parent involvement in education. The below mentioned facets will give you a clear picture regarding the same.

Consistent and helpful outcomes

In the year of 2015, there was a family research project conducted by Harvard, which was based on analysis of 77 studies. The primary focus of the studies was to determine and find out the importance of parental involvement in different areas pertaining to the child. Be it on the school or social frontier, the positive impact of parents getting involved in their activities was always a necessity by all means.

It was no wonder that both Michigan Educational Department and Harvard observed that the benefits of parental involvement were always consistent in terms of socio economic backgrounds and irrespective of culture and creed.

Involvement necessary for all grade levels

Effective parental involvement is not something that is to be restricted to the early years of their child’s education. In fact, it is equally important during the ransition period of the kid into higher levels of education. As per reports by American Department of Education, this is the time when parents usually retreat from interfering in children’s studies and other educational activities.

Types of involvement

Parental involvement should not be limited to providing assistance for doing home works. In fact, parents can do a lot more like interacting with them on a regular basis, enquiring about their school life, getting in touch with their teachers and concerned head of the departments etc.

Most beneficial forms of involvement

It is widely observed that parents who always establish superior yet reasonable academic expectations had the greatest influence on their educational outputs and caliber. Students who score good marks are the ones who are always likely to have parents who set exceptional standards than students who were not up to the mark.

It is important to keep all the above mentioned points in mind if you are a caring parent. Make sure that your son or daughter gets all the support and care required for being an outstanding student.