WHY Advices Are So Important For Parents

That all parents take without prior training, but with love, hope and the fear of making parenting mistakes and hurting our child in some way.

Being a parent can be joyful, fun, loving and it can also be trying, stressful, worrying and heart breaking because we love our children so much we want to protect them from anything that might hurt them. we fear for our children’s safety and well-being. We feel frustrated by our ignorance in how to be a good, supportive and loving parents

Experts say children are like sponges in that they absorb everything and that this is when most of their beliefs are formed. Their young mind does not question if something is true or not, they just believe everything they perceive – especially when it comes from two people the child loves and trust.

The child interprets every look, smile, frown, remark, situation, events and how their parent’s reacts to things and solve problems. These is how self-limiting beliefs (such as “I am not good enough”) or winning beliefs (like “I am worthy”) which contribute to failure or success in one’s life are formed at a very early age.

Changing limiting beliefs is not an easy thing to do as it requires perseverance and persistence, as well as the belief that self-limiting beliefs can be reversed. One can in fact change their life and the way they feel by replacing limiting beliefs with more empowering beliefs like “I can”, “I am important” , “people want to hear what I have to say” and so on.

You need to change your limiting beliefs in order to change whatever it is that is causing you grief in your life. There are hundreds if not thousands of healing modalities out there and there are new one coming out all the time to help undo these limiting beliefs and change people’s lives.

This is the reason I have chosen this topic for my website – I am speaking from the experience of being the child, the parent, the aunty and so on, as well as observing other parents and their children around me. All parents want the best for their children and even all our well meaning and best intentions are not enough.

I am hoping to make new parents and everyone who visits my site aware of the effects of parenting mistakes and to start from day one with the skills needed to prevent their children as much as they can from suffering and having to undo the limiting beliefs that will influence their lives in the future – PREVENTION IS BETTER THAN THE CURE!

Once you learn from the experts about the consequences of parenting techniques, you will be well on your way to being better parents for your children. There are no guaranteed methods for ensuring that we will be one 100% successful in our parenting styles and that our children will be mentally, physically and emotionally healthy and successful in life because of other factors in the child’s life and yours.

To say that the parents are 100% responsible for their child’s well-being is unfair.
There is plenty of research showing that parents can make a significant, positive difference to their child’s well-being by being aware of the consequences of the parenting mistakes. Parent have to be aware of who is around their children because these people will be influencing your child’s belief system and also their physical safety and mental health.

We need effective parenting skills in order to enjoy being a parent and to have a happy and healthy relationships with our children. Today, all new parents, parents to be and current parents have a choice of the parenting styles they chose to adopt.

Grandparents, teachers, child careers and anyone else who comes into contact with children also need to have the skills for how to interact with a child in ways that will boost the child’s confidence and self-esteem.

Parents today are very, very lucky that they have TV, magazines, newspapers, health clinics, doctors and many other mind opening sources that can help them to question if their parenting techniques are good for their child’s emotional, physical and spiritual health.

Parents should try their best to avoid parenting mistakes which can create limiting beliefs which can affects their children’s mental and emotional health and maturity. This can affect their relationships, career, self esteem, confidence and many other things in the future negatively.

I believe that the “PREVENTION is better than the cure” approach to parenting will help your child’s well-being in the future. It’s never too late to start!

If you are still reading this, than it is safe to assume that you are aware of the effects of parenting techniques and are looking for the knowledge and skills to be a good, loving and supportive parent.