How we critique our submissions is what really separates us from any other video contest or film festival out there. We want to give our participants a thorough, transparent, and easy to understand system that will not only give constructive criticism, but also provide positive re-enforcement. We asked ourselves, “How can we take something so subjective, like a film, and turn it into something so objective, like a number?” The answer is the “box” system.


Each film will be dissected into 5 “captions”


Within the Lighting, Audio, Cinematography and Editing captions, the judges will ask themselves, “Does the [CAPTION] in this video help tell the story?”

To answer this question, and help solidify a score, the judge will refer to a series of 5 “boxes”

Box 1:

Never or Almost Never

Box 2:


Box 3:


Box 4:


Box 5:

Always or Almost Always



For the Script caption, judges will evaluate the submissions based on effectiveness by answering this question, “How effective is the script?”

To answer this question, once again the judge will refer to a series of 5 “boxes”


Box 1:

Not Effective


Box 2:

Slightly Effective

Box 3:

Somewhat Effective

Box 4:



Box 5:

Highly Effective



Within each box is a range of numbers the judges will utilize to score the submission:


The judge will assign a number for each caption. The caption scores will be tallied, any penalties will be assessed and the final score will be revealed.


As soon as your submission is critiqued, you will receive the evaluation including:


All of our judges are current industry professionals with years of experience. Check out their bio’s!


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