Parenting Help Tips

Remember, these parenting help tips are only broad guidelines. No baby will follow this exactly.

At one month, your baby will have started making specific noises that signal hunger, pleasure, etc. Babies understand speech long before they talk and they can read meaning into gestures and expressions. At this stage, crying is still his primary means of communicating with you.

When he’s two months old, he will usually be able to follow your voice around the room. His vocabulary of coos and other sounds will have grown as well. Making sounds is both his way of communicating as well as an outlet to discover how to use his own voice.

It’s important to talk to your baby directly. And listen carefully, looking at him, when he is making communicative sounds.

By the time he’s six months old, the baby will be using combinations of vowels and consonants. He will be developing a more precise language. You can help him by speaking in short sentences, speaking clearly and slowly.

Start identifying objects by their names. Repetition is the key to your baby’s learning. Sing nursery rhymes, songs, etc. Reading to your baby is also a good idea.

At nine months, the baby will have the ability to respond to short statements, like “Hold my hand”. He will be able to say “mama” and “papa”. He will also attempt to hold a conversation with you in his very own gibberish language.

Here are several things that can accelerate your baby’s language and other learning.
  • Always listen carefully when your baby is talking to you. He needs to know that his attempts to communicate with you are important. When he uses one or two words correctly, repeat those back to him.
  • Point out objects by their names. These include playthings, colors, animals, names of people and so on. Make sure you use your baby’s name so that he identifies himself by it.
  • The baby will often struggle to get his words out. Don’t complete his sentences or words for him. Give him time to say it himself. That’s how his language skills develop.
  • Apart from names of objects, introduce your baby to various concepts. Such as a “big” house, or a “little” doll.
  • Read to your baby. Use illustrated books designed for this purpose.

Use the above parenting help ideas and help your baby communicate easily and earlier.