The Future of Art

When you have a passion for something, the feeling runs deep into your veins and travels through your bloodstream. But it doesn’t just stop there. The passion that you feel plunges into every crevice of your body, swimming around your brain and heart. Everyone has something that is just right […]

The wonderous world of film festivities is upon us!

This summer is where the magic happens! We are diligently preparing for the 2013  [STARTFEST] film festival and are bringing the best 26 High School and College student films in the State! And each featured finalist produced excellent, riveting and unique pieces of film that we are proud to showcase! […]

And the finalists are…

The results are in!   We have had an incredible turnout for our FIRST annual [STARTFEST] competition!  With over 100 submissions totaling over 300 minutes from High Schools and Colleges all across the state, we have been overwhelmed by the talent displayed by these students.   We would like to recognize each and any […]


Submit for Success

Submit to Success

Have you heard about the parable of the pottery students? They did a real scientific study to examine how students learn best. So they divided them up into two groups, told the first group to focus as hard as they could on making each pot as perfect as possible. Then […]

Keep Kids Arts Literate

Billions of dollars towards education have been cut across the country and Florida certianly hasn’t avoided the hatchet.    With  $73 million gone from Seminole county in the past five years alone, only five school districts in the state receive less money per student. We are now spending some $600 less […]

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Time To Meet Your Markers

While we can’t speak for the afterlife, we can say our judges are more than qualified to give you crucial critiques that for your artistic advancement in this lifetime!   We have compiled a team of adjudicators from across the country and all areas of film and television production, to […]

The Basics of Video Editing

The cut can make or break any film. No matter whether the footage shot on your phone or a Panavision, the film really starts to live  in the editing room. Becoming aware of how powerfully the edit of your footage can shape and build the experience for the audience is crucial […]

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Find Your Music Match

Find Your Music Match

Ok you’ve done the shooting and the long picture editing hours are over but you still need the perfect soundtrack eh? Well, allow StartFest to be of assistance! Here are some great Royalty Free Music link that has a compilation of sites where you can find every type of tune […]

Three Point Lighting

  Three-point lighting is a basic lighting setup that every filmmaker should be comfortable using. It is a simple (versatile) system which forms the basis of most lighting. The technique uses three lights called the key light, fill light and back light. Once you understand three point lighting, you are well on your way to producing […]